Solo Exhibition

ShanghART Beijing, Beijing

29 Aug - 5 Nov, 2009

Law is usually used to describe a specific circumstance or a specific scale of the real world, often regarded as some kind of rule. However, its description and judgment are subject to specific provisions, which may become invalid due to changes of measurement or breakage of boundary. With such concept, Zhang Ding tries to express the relationship between controlled and uncontrolled power, and the balance of contradiction.

Exhibited works all have large size and are respectively installed, but together they compose a series of relevant works. Among works, there are walls surrounded by trees occupy half space of the exhibition room, which bring a mysterious atmosphere to the exhibition; and foam sculptures distributed around the walls are like cunning plotters got reunited for some kind of mutual understanding.

In front of walls, there is a wooden light installation which is about 7 meters long and 5 meters tall. Over 700 light bulbs are allocated in a huge hemispheroid, and a pair of limbs which looks like diving board is installed on both sides respectively. Light and heat produce infinite and desirable energy; the only way to obtain such energy is to overcome the fear of height, go up to the installation, and move forward under the plausible protection. Is it a risky adventure for the brave or a survival risk for the superior?

Another installation is an approximately 8 meters long mechanical transmission, and hundreds of light bulbs are being transmitted forward to be destroyed by some kind of cruel hammer. Corresponding to those light bulbs on the top, they calm down impatience and greed by self-sacrifice. Meanwhile, destruction is a means to achieve balance. The artist seems to remind us that whether it’s necessary to obey the law of destruction while maintaining rules and orders and sharing power and benefits.