Solo Project

Art Basel Hong Kong 2016 Encouters Section

23 Mar - 26 Mar, 2016

215 (H) x 500 (W) x 500 (L) cm

Stainless steel cube plated titanium-gold,man-made crystal pallet, black man-made crystal

9  pairs of cubic installation are arrayed in the project 18 Cubes . Each pair consists of 2  titanium-plated cubes carried on man-made crystal pallets. During the exhibition period, visitors are invited to treat the artworks in any methods with any personal belongings or black man-made crystal provided by the artist, including but not limited to scratching, scrawling, cutting etc. It is allowed to take away the scrapings.

The artists already have the capability to remove personal symbols and privileges in their creations while continuously demonstrate a profile of the publics in certain periods of time or spaces. The happenings in the Encounters Space might be very much about the rights of the audiences:

- to intervene the value of the artwork, or to dissolve the hard currencies on the pallets

- to extract limited precious metals from the 3 -micrometer coating through labor or creativity

- to have conversations with other artists within the same space using texts or shapes

- to contend against the minimalism through diversity, violently or not.