Sound Absorber



95 (H) x 60 (W) x 9 (L) cm

Mineral wool, aluminum plate, gold paint

The golden sound absorbers make the crazy angry noise achieve a more perfect performance in the white concrete space, polishing the manic show.

The rotten gold, the burned texture, turn the live into a revelry of Baroque ruins.

If there exists fight in rock, then it’s the fight towards huge emptiness: Just exhaust ourselves. The stage without people and passion, the naked concrete, the golden sponge filled with noise: They give rock an evidence of the dissipation in death but not sublimation in silence, for this time they complete the slaughter themselves, no need for a replacement in their revenge. After all, they come back to celebrate,  not to revenge: Today’s rock and roll is ongoing and mortal, all the excess meaning has been destroyed, no opportunity for the colossus.