Great Era


14' 00"

Mirafiori Motor Village, Turin, Italy

9 Nov, 2007 - 11 Nov, 2007

“Great Era” is a surrealistic Fellini-inspired voyage using Shanghai as its theatrical backdrop. The protagonist rides along staged tableaus with his bike (disguised as a horse) in scenes perfectly synchronized with the film’s sound score. Starting from Shanghai as its background, Great Era unfolded the narration in a surrealistic fashion overflowing with Chinese taste. Velvet curtain went up and the video began. Leading actor showed up, like a lonely hero, wheeling a bicycle into an urban wasteland and then disappeared in dark night. Ballroom dancing being both merry and cold, bath tub holding greeny water and booths standing along the empty street, the solitary hero rode a horse-headed bicycle, wandering around the city in a poetic pace. At this very moment, the identities of those missing, those searching and those viewing all flowed in one.