Solo Exhibition

5th September 2020 - 1th November 2020

Fosun Foundation Shanghai

No.600 Zhongshan No.2 Road(E) Shanghai, 

P.R. China

Con Trol Club project is both an installation art exhibition and live music scene. This solo exhibition will span the foundation’s third and fourth floors with the artist’s latest large-scale mechanical installation works, engaging in a site-specific exploration of the Fosun Foundation space to probe the artist’s reflections and breakthroughs in the context of the contemporary art exhibition.

The year 2020 began with a chaotic web of interconnected crises. As society, medicine, the environment, economics and international relations have entered into states of emergency in quick succession, the long, slow process of substantive or spiritual restoration, the optimistic anticipation of a “return to normal”, and the more extreme efforts to “escape”—whether it is the frenzied revelry of survivors and bystanders, or the absolute resistance and pessimistic prophecies of those who have been hit—seem to have become the new normal. 

In Con Trol Club, Zhang Ding continues his decade-long exploration of spatial installation artistic practice, exploring the unique space of Fusan Foundation Shanghai with the two large scale mechanical installation NETZACH (2019-2020) and HYPERCUBE (2019-2020), demonstrating and distorting the existing dichotomy between internal and external space while dissolving various social, political and spatial divides.