Enter the Dragon

Solo Project

ICA Theatre, London

12 - 25 Octorber 2015

Installation, Performance

The ICA, London and the K11 Art Foundation presented the first solo UK institutional project of Zhang Ding, entitled Enter the Dragon, which runs from 12 - 25 October 2015.

The project was a platform for the artist to further explore his longstanding interest in ‘the stimulating and chemical interaction between sound, stage and the immediate emotional response of the audience’. He transformed the ICA theatre into a ‘mutating sound sculpture’, covering the room with reflective surfaces, suspended sound panels and a series of rotating mirrored sculptures situated in front of two identical stages where musicians was invited to perform in unison.

“Despite the setting’s bellicose inspiration, the plan, apparently, is to encourage ad hoc collaboration between randomly programmed performers in the space. In the spirit of fruitful collaboration, perhaps it would be wise for the more typically fractious elements of London’s music scene to bear in mind the great Lee’s immortal words: ‘The word “I” does not exist.’”— Hettie Judah ArtReview Asia

Performance Programme:

12.10.2015 – Bo Ningen x Powell

13.10.2015 – Kelvin Lords x Wanda Group 

14.10.2015 – Tapes x Throwing Shade 

15.10.2015 – CASUAL SECT x Chrononautz 

16.10.2015 – Dave I.D x Scientific Dreamz of U 

17.10.2015 – Antidröm & Andrew Spyrou x Vision Fortune 

18.10.2015 – Rob Lye x rosen 

19.10.2015 – Closed

20.10.2015 – Heatsick x Lukid 

21.10.2015 – Joanne Robertson x Lord Tusk 

22.10.2015 – Diaphragm Failure x Moon Zero 

23.10.2015 – Lightbox x Wild Daughter 

24.10.2015 – Cam Deas x Natasha Trotman 

25.10.2015 – Amnesia Scanner x Bill Kouligas (PAN) + special guests