Meat Shop


Installation, Performance

Aluminium section, one-way mirror, freezer, butcher hook, half pig, mirror, electric motor, wood structure, disco ball, wire

557 (H) x 756.6 (W) x 1029.5 (L) cm

‘Dancing, purchasing, all the same.’

The food market is a square. Meat Shop is a ballroom in the center of the square. All the people who want to buy some food would arrive at the meat shop half an hour earlier. Disco music is always put on the meat shop. People are waving their bodies with strong rhythm, wallowing in massive sound, bringing themselves all the way to the center of the vortex. Romantically, elegantly, passionately they pick up one favorite piece of meat, pay for it then leave away with swaying hips.

Performers: (CON TROL CLUB) nenghuo x YI