The Dream of Yabulai II

The Dream of Yabulai 2


9-channel video installation

190 (H) x 100 (W) x 100 (L) cm

Wood construction, 9-channel video

Measurement, theorem, focus, resources, energy, poem, worship, rivalry, these are all the great elements of the construction of History.

Yabulai is the name of a place in Inner Mongolia, in desert.

This work is composed of a wood structure and nine videos.

The installation is an individual understanding of the society’s system and History. Seen from the top, the structure depict 8 people holding each other’s hands. 8 of the videos feature various characters while the 9th video present the same eight characters and a monkey, assigning tasks to each of them. 

4 of the videos have sounds which come out from 4 containers.

Black boards with physics formulas are displayed in the installation. These formulas are a written form of the space.