Solo Exhibition

ShanghART, Shanghai

4-30 Sep, 2007

“Tools” is an allegorical fairyland to respond to this marginal world. Cactus here become the main props/tools, metaphor of a nidering and doggedly resistant life. We can see this plant anywhere, but their multiple thorns don’t allow us to approach them. Artist fights against that, trying to find the possible ways of communication with this life, using violence or dialog? Cruel beating and frozen cutting don’t destroy cactus as much as water, even though gentle and beautiful. Water pours from ten watering pots, lining out parabolas and hosing a cactus. Mud splatters around while the liquid spreads all over the floor. Beside this series of cactus is displayed a group of unnatural industrial products: 24 olive green refrigerators filled with loud-hailers, and an old style detonator which can trigger a deafening explosion noise, giving you a sudden feeling that you are in the world of the “Flowers of Evil”.